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H2Coco’s New Pink Coconut Water

Friday, December 7, 2018 @ 08:12 AM
posted by richard

Pink Coconut Water from H2Coco

We recently got our hands on H2Coco’s New Pink Coconut water which is from the sweetest coconuts you can get in Thailand which are actually pink in colour! After chilling for a couple of days in the fridge we got it out after a hard days work and it was the best thirst quencher ever! There was one interesting fact about this coconut water that we all agreed on…

Smooth and silky
This new coconut water originates from Thailand and is handpicked from the most sweetest pink coconuts and you can really tell. Every sip goes down with a silky smooth texture and is so smooth it’s too easy to drink. It was actually so easy to drink we had finished a 1 litre tetra pack in around 10 minutes which was a bit of a surprise because we usually taste test for 30 – 45 minutes each sitting.

The taste is so sweet
If you have a sweet tooth of any sort you need to buy this coconut water because you’ll absolutely love it! As much as we love healthy food and drinks the interesting fact about this coconut water that we all agreed on was the fact it is like drinking a Krispy Kreme donut! So sickly smooth that it’s an absolute delight for your taste buds without the fat content!

Natural Pink Coconut Water

Natural Pink Coconut Water

100% natural and contains zero nasties
We checked out the ingredients and confirmed pink coconut water doesn’t contain any nasties or added preservatives. Each 1 litre tetra pack is made from around 4 young hand picked pink coconuts from the most nutrient rich soil. No wonder we felt so good after drinking coconut water that’s from such a natural and nutritious source.

It is actually very important to ensure the coconut water you drink doesn’t contain any numbers like preservative 223 otherwise you’re undoing all the good work by drinking coconut water in the first place.

Perfect for staying hydrated
We often have issues staying hydrated and end up feeling lethargic by the end of the week. We have helped reduce this by drinking natural coconut water regularly like H2Coco’s Pink Coconut Water particularly after exercise. It has certainly helped with recovery the next day and not feeling so drained from playing sport or exercising hard the day before.

5 star health rating
We also noticed the pink coconut water has a 5 star health rating which means it fits perfectly into a balanced diet or exercise regime.

Overall H2Coco’s Pink Coconut Water is a well balanced and sweet tasting coconut water that is good for you and will provide all of the benefits that coconut water has to offer, such as hydration and nutrients. We particularly liked the uplifting flavour and how much of a positive influence it is drinking pink coconut water from handpicked natural coconuts!

If you would like to try H2Coco’s Pink Coconut Water you can get 15% off your first order if you sign up to the H2Coco Newsletter which is 3/4 down the homepage.




Coconut Water vs Kombucha – Your winning drink is…

Thursday, October 11, 2018 @ 08:10 PM
posted by richard

At Coconut Water Australia we’ve had a lot of queries bouncing around lately as to whether kombucha is better than coconut water and vice versa. Considering we’ve had the opportunity to try a lot of coconut water and kombucha we can definitely weigh in on this debate. The first point we need to consider is what the primary purpose of coconut water is and what the primary purpose of kombucha is. So let’s break down the benefits of both drinks…

Coconut Water

  1. Re-hydrates your body with nutrients after moderate to high intensity exercise.
  2. Exceptional mixer in protein shakes, smoothies and in water to keep your body more hydrated.
  3. Keeps your energy levels and nutrients up after intense exercise.
  4. Safe for your children to drink at school or after physical education.



  1. Kombucha AustraliaContains probiotics or beneficial bacteria which may assist digestion in your stomach.
  2. Provides a mental alertness boost due to the existence of black tea in the most common varieties of kombucha.
  3. A wide variety of flavours makes it easy to stay interested in tasting all types of kombucha.
  4. Good varieties contain very little or no sugar.

After looking at the primary benefits of coconut water and kombucha it becomes very obvious they are actually 2 different TYPES of drinks. In fact we believe coconut water can serve a purpose in your life around your exercise regimes and kombucha can provide a fix in the afternoon when you typically feel sleepy or not as energetic. Both drinks have 1 common similarity, they can both provide mental alertness.

This means coconut water is better for re-hydrating your body with essential nutrients that your body can benefit from where as kombucha is better for protecting your digestive and stomach health. Therefore you can’t compare these two heavy hitters as they are designed for 2 different purposes. We will happily admit that we drink coconut water after exercise and kombucha in the afternoon for a quick mental lift.

We hope this helps clear up any confusion on whether you should be drinking coconut water or kombucha as it’s possible to incorporate both into you life and reap the benefits of both types of drinks.

Let us know what you think about Coconut Water vs Kombucha below in our comments…

Coconut Water + Coffee Now 25% OFF for H2Coco’s Cocoespresso

Monday, March 12, 2018 @ 09:03 PM
posted by richard

As huge fans of Cocoespresso we just discovered that you can currently get it 25% off when you order online using the coupon code “H2ENERGY”

Here are 3 reasons why Cocoespresso is one of our all time favourites

  • During hot weather when it is too warm to drink hot coffee, we revert to Cocoespresso to meet our caffeine needs.
  • We use it in shakes, straight up, in cocktails, on ice cream, so many uses as far as your imagination can go!
  • It’s easier and more affordable to drink Cocoespresso than actual coffee.

If you’re into smoothies check out the recipe below for an idea for breakfast or morning tea…

New Coconut Water Based Energy Drink

Saturday, January 20, 2018 @ 11:01 AM
posted by richard

Coconut Water Energy Drink Australia

We are always searching for the next coconut water drink and we have found one without any nasty chemicals to kick off the New Year. Clean Energy Premium Performance Energy Drink is a naturally produced coconut water based drink that primarily contains lime juice and coconut water. This cocktail of goodness is definitely like drinking lime juice but is still really unbelievably refreshing. The major ingredients in each can are listed as:

  • Organic Young Green Coconut Water
  • Organic Maltodextrin (from Tapioca)
  • Pure Himalayan Salt
  • Fresh Lime Juice (Chemical free)

This makes for a great tasting lime based energy drink that is so much better for you than other energy drinks currently on the market, which are mainly sugar or taurine. The producer Coconut Groove has also gone to a lot of effort to ensure the drink is BPA free, contains no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. Very impressive from an environmental point of view.

What else is it in?

Coconut Water Energy Drink Australia

You can expect to take in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in decent quantities for just a drink. We can see why it’s definitely a healthy drink and on top of all these excellent ingredients and vitamins it contains Manganese, Iron, Folic Acid, Niacin, Lauric Acid and Zinc in lower quantities. You can also expect to get more energy out of each can which makes it perfect for beach or pool activities (no glass) during the summer.

How can I get the most out of it?

It is clear this healthy energy drink is designed for active people who engage in regular exercise or sport. It has just the right amount of sugar to be beneficial after exercise as well as all the other ingredients that are designed to rehydrate your body fast and to give you that extra boost during sports.

We trialled it during indoor soccer and found it definitely helps with concentration and an improved mentality during games. During the first half the player who had consumed the Clean Energy drink had kicked 2 goals and ended up kicking a hat trick by the end of the match, which was a personal best. Suffice to say they always drink it before and after the game now almost as a ritual!

We would recommend it for you too if you feel like you could be more mentally switched on or lack the mental focus half way through games due to fatigue. Please note that it will not make you feel fitter but will help get the most out of your game regardless of your current fitness level.

Great to keeping on running

Coconut Water Energy Drink Australia

On another occasion we consumed it before and after a run which helped us keep running for a longer period of time before we needed to tone down the pace. It definitely takes away the “can’t be bothered” feeling and allows you to concentrate more on your breath and we also ended up running further than we usually can probably in the same duration of time, so good overall improvements to be had with this energy drink!

If you need some variety in your before and after exercise drink then Clean Energy is also a great option. Every time we do an event or activity that has us feeling parched we immediately open a can of Clean Energy and in no time we feel back to normal again.

Our recommendation is to leave the sugar based energy drinks with chemicals behind for good and switch over to a Clean Energy drink today.

Where to buy this healthy Energy Drink

It is available from Dan Murphys.


Is Coconut Water Suitable for Kids?

Friday, December 8, 2017 @ 06:12 AM
posted by richard

We are asked regularly whether coconut water is good for kids to drink and noticed not a lot of coconut water is specially tailored with kids in mind. When we were contacted by H2Coco recently and asked if we wanted to try out the 200ml Lunchbox Range for Kids coconut water,  we were very keen to get our hands on some to see what kids think. Up until now the range of coconut water for children specifically has been limited to one or two brands that were not readily available in local supermarkets. Additionally we were very keen to find out how they stack up to normal coconut water in nutritional value.

The lunchbox range is available in 5 different flavours:

  1. Troperiffic Coconut Water – Coconut water, Mango, Passion Fruit puree, Pineapple Juice
  2. Wildberry Coconut Water – Coconut water, Apple Juice, Raspberry  Juice
  3. Pure Coconut Water – 100% Coconut Water
  4. Cocoespresso Coconut Water – Coconut Water with a shot of coffee
  5. Melon Water – Pure Watermelon Water

What do kids think of these flavours?

During our trial of the lunchbox range we noted that Troperiffic and Wildberry Coconut Water tastes like fruit juice and is very refreshing but not overly sweet to drink. The 200ml tetra pack is the perfect size for kids as it wasn’t too little or too much and it doesn’t pack a lot of sugar with 3.5g sugar in every 100ml which is very low compared to other juices or cordial.

If you don’t mind your child having coffee the Cocoespresso is the perfect lunchbox companion that will give your child more energy and concentration while at school. It is the perfect replacement for Coke which contains more sugar and nasties. It is however worth noting that it’s sweeter than the other lunchbox flavours.

The Melon Water is the newest flavour and was popular among kids just like watermelon is on a hot summer’s day. It’s refreshing melon taste and adequate size was popular however it is worth noting that the intense watermelon taste can become overwhelming if a lot of it is consumed in one sitting.

When’s the best time for kids to drink the lunchbox range?

We believe during recess, lunch or after a PE class would be the best time for kids to drink the lunchbox range. Particularly for kids who are into sport and exercise any of the coconut water flavours would be extremely beneficial for replacing lost fluids and to prevent dehydration during physical exercise.

For older kids however the Cocoespresso flavour would be the best choice before tests or exams to assist them with fully comprehending each question and to provide a correct answer more efficiently and effectively. It would be interesting to run a trial to see if it helps improve grades.

Another good idea for the lunchbox range is to buy them for the next party you’re hosting. They will make a great hit at any party especially when kids are running around or are simply looking for a quick drink to quench their thirst. The tetra pack will also make sure no spills occur if it gets knocked over or stepped on accidentally. This in itself makes it the perfect party drink!

So, would we recommend kids drink coconut water? Yes, if the children are physically active then it makes sense to provide a drink that will hydrate them better than water. Perfect for the beach too!

Have your kids tried any coconut water? We would be very keen to hear what they thought of it and which flavour is the best so please leave your comments below.



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