Advantages of Coconut Water

The advantages of coconut water include rapid hydration during physical exercise and the ability to help you get more out of your workout regime. This means faster weight loss and decreased recovery time allowing you to feel healthy and fitter.

Why not try drinking coconut water after the following exercises:

  • Zumba – After an intense cardiovascular work out your body needs instant hydration.
  • Martial Arts – You will be both mentally and physically fatigued meaning Coconut Water can serve as a revitalising drink.
  • Football – The mental and physical nature of these games requires top concentration and endurance which is what coconut water is great for.
  • Netball – If you play indoor netball coconut water can be advantageous for hydration and endurance since you sometimes tend to sweat more during indoor games than outdoor games.
  • Cardio @ The Gym – We have found many benefits of consuming coconut water after the gym including hydration, less fatigue and less tiredness.
  • Swimming – You can feel better sooner by drinking coconut water after a swimming session.
  • Weights – Try an alternative to water while weight lifting since you need every ounce of energy and mental strength you can get in order to maintain a successful work out week in week out.

We have also started testing out sports and exercises with coconut water to see if there are any obvious benefits, see our reviews on the benefits of coconut water or read our review on the advantages during Indoor Beach Volleyball below.

Playing Indoor Beach Volleyball Assisted by Coconut Water

One of the sports I like to play is indoor beach volleyball however I’ve noticed I can feel quite fatigued after a game where water simply does not make me feel any better. I decided to drink a quarter of a can of Coconut Essence before a game and ¾ of a can after the game to see if it firstly improves my concentration and secondly if it can help decrease the feeling of fatigue an hour after a match.

After drinking a quarter of the can before the game it actually made me feel quite jittery which was a bit unusual however the positive outcomes were not noticing having to work hard during the game and feeling more confident in playing risky shots – which paid off. Perhaps coconut water could have a placebo effect on your mind during the game but the recovery after the game was excellent.

After the game I drank the rest of the can of Coconut Essence and I felt great, not even tired or fatigued an hour later, in fact it would have been 2 hours after the game until I started feeling tired. Obviously it’s difficult to say whether coconut water has obvious benefits during sport to improve skills, strength and ability but I’ll certainly be drinking coconut water during sports in the future to find out. Watch this space!

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