Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water is the purest liquid second only to water itself. It is choc-full of electrolytes, calcium, potassium, magnesium; everything that is good for you for only around 60 calories per serve.
Since our conception here at Coconut Water Australia, we have found two ultimate benefits for coconut water and have also started documenting our personal experiences in the gym, with coconut water used before and after work outs.

1.  Fast Rehydration after Physical exercise

As it is a 100% natural refreshing drink full of electrolytes, free of fat and cholesterol, coconut water has been marketed as a sports drink to aid in rehydration for light, moderate to intense physical exercise. There have also been cases where coconut water has been used as an intravenous hydration fluid in some developing countries where medical saline was unavailable. The most common studio you will find this glorious concoction will most likely be at your local Bikram yoga studio where fellow yogi’s swear by its miracle hydrating properties. Gyms such as Fitness First have caught onto the trend and you may be able to find certain brands of coconut water at particular locations.

2. Weightloss

Coconut water’s uses can be likened to that of natural still water, in that it aids in keeping the metabolism rate of the body at its optimal level, which in turn burns necessary energy throughout the day. Lemon juice can be added to the coconut water to make it even healthier as both coconut water and lemon are alkalizing. This is beneficial for the body in a number of ways, such as it helps in digestion, controls blood sugar levels and helps promote healthy thyroid function.

My Work Out Experience with Coconut Water: Cardio Session with Coconut Water instead of Protein Powder


   Coconut Essence

I started off by drinking half a can before my work out and then the remainder of the can within 10 minutes of completing my 1 hour work out.

The taste of Coconut Essence before the work out was refreshing yet surprisingly motivating as the fresh taste of the coconut water hit my taste buds quickly while slowly removing the thoughts in my mind of being tired from the night before.
As soon as I got into the gym I was in the zone and started easily on the treadmill for 5 minutes to work up a sweat and then moved into stretching exercises to increase blood flow throughout my body. After stretching I completed a few ab exercises and to my amazement managed to nearly double my usual number of repetitions on the ab machines, all while my mind was still in the zone and ready to assist in achieving the best results during the end of the exercises. However I did notice after completing 2 sets rather quickly I was rushing into the 3rd when I usually have more of a break between sets.
Tip: Be careful to not rush your sets, this is the first time I felt I had too much urgency to get through the sets quickly possibly because the coconut water had me pumped up!
After a few different ab exercises I was still feeling rather good and not fatigued at all with my throat not dry at all (usually feels dry after half an hour) although I was taking regular water breaks too. The next exercises to test my endurance on was the cross trainer for 10 minutes at a steady pace although I did feel slightly fatigued afterwards. At this point I took a 5 minute break. Next up I proceeded to run on the treadmill with different speed settings for around 20 minutes and had enough energy and motivation to attempt interval running (different speeds for different periods of time) to really see how much I could take before I felt exhausted or out of breath. After 15 minutes I felt slightly worn out but was remarkably impressed at my endurance as my breathing was right and I managed to run more than I ever have.
I’ll definitely be stretching my chest muscles out and drinking coconut water in the future before a cardio session as I certainly felt there were benefits from doing both of these! At this point and knew I had been working out for an hour non-stop so I called it a night.
Post work out after arriving back at home I felt good (not lethargic for a change!) so I finished the remaining Coconut Essence which tasted even better after the work out! The 520ml can really made the difference as it would have been disappointing to have had any lesser quantity although if I was drinking other coconut waters I would probably need to drink one before my work out and one afterwards to reap the full benefits. Coconut Essence is deliciously sweet and an excellent choice for cardiovascular work outs that require endurance, concentration and hydration.
After finishing the large can of Coconut Essence I slowly but surely begin to feel fatigued and my body slowed down after around 45 minutes although my mind remained active and alive with no mental signs of tiredness or drowsiness. Usually I feel lethargic after a workout but drinking coconut water certainly helped to avoid feeling dizzy and lethargic during and after the work out.

My verdict: Coconut water definitely offers benefits for cardio exercises with lots of repetitions.

Another Personal Experience: Does Coconut Water Offer Benefits for Running?

After getting over a winter cold I decided it was time to get back into some sort of exercise and knew that running would be a great start since we’ve had some sunny days. The thing is after getting over a cold you never quite feel up to it so I decided to see if drinking half a can of Coconut Essence coconut water before the running session would increase my motivation and perhaps aid in the distance I could run before I felt fatigued.

I started off by warming up with a medium paced walk and eventually worked up to a jog which I managed to maintain for a few hundred metres before I went back to walking. After reaching what I thought was my final destination after about 20 minutes I took a few minutes to sit down and perform a few push ups to see if I could recover enough to push on even further.

After a few minutes had passed I felt good enough to continue jogging and realised that I had exceeded what I thought I could jog and didn’t feel too bad at all. Usually at this stage I would feel very fatigued, a bit dizzy and heavy headed.

Once I had reached the end of the walkway I decided to call it a night and used a combination of jogging and walking on the way home and managed to get home faster than I thought I would, probably in around 20 minutes including the extra distance. As I’m not usually a runner I was surprised at the overall increased distance I managed to run while not feeling fatigued or tired.

After returning home I finished half a can of Coconut Essence to see how I would feel in half an hour. After 30 minutes had passed I still felt good and knew I had benefited from consuming coconut water to enhance my exercising. However around 45 minutes after I had finished the can of Coconut Essence I felt fatigued and tired which is the way I expected to feel half way through!

My Verdict: For going the extra mile and recovery afterwards every runner should be consuming coconut water!

Where to find out more benefits
There are a multitude of health benefits that coconut water can bring to your life with a simple inclusion of at least 250ml in your everyday diet.
To find out more about benefits of coconut water, please use our search engine below:

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