Beyond Coconut Water Slimline Can Review

As one of the first organisations to release Coconut Water in the Australian market Beyond Coconut Water have a new addition to their coconut water family in the form of a 250ml slimline can. If you like the genuine taste of coconut this is most definitely the coconut water for you. It has a refreshing yet very distinct taste that is easy to drink after exercising.

We recorded the following benefits of drinking Beyond Coconut Water during and after exercising:

  • Allows you to feel more refreshed in around 10 minutes.
  • Removes the feeling of fatigue typically experienced around an hour after exercise.
  • The coconut flavour is strong but it is still easy to drink as fast or as slow as you prefer.
  • Assists with cramp prevention when consumed half way through an exercise or sports match. This is due to the 405mg of potassium in each can.
  • The cans are small enough to fit in any sized bag and keeps cold for around an hour.
  • If you only like small portions of coconut water the 250ml can is ideal and prevents waste.

The coconuts used for Beyond Coconut Water are chemical free from Thailand with no added sugar or preservatives added. The ingredients of the coconut water have also been tested by Australian Customs who have verified the Nutritional Information on the can as accurate. Therefore you can safely assume this coconut water will only have positive impacts on your health.

Beyond Coconut Water is also an organisation who supports the very worthwhile 1% For The Planet cause who aim to convince businesses to consider and fund positive environmental changes.

The availability of Beyond Coconut Water is very good throughout Australia as you can buy in Coles Supermarkets, online at Aussie Health Products and other leading stores.

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  1. Sharn says:

    Would like a wholesale price on you coconut water both 250ml and 500ml if you have it.

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