Celebrate Health Coconut Water

Celebrate Health Coconut Water

Celebrate Health Organic Coconut WaterThis pink packaged coconut water is produced by an organisation dedicated to health products and gluten free products. Therefore it is no surprise they have produced a uniquely labelled coconut water from the Philippines that instantly grabs your attention on the shelf in the shops.

After purchasing Celebrate Health Coconut Water we firstly noticed it was an organic product and certified by BCS Oko-Garantie GmbH. The neat tetra pack also claims it also contains no additives of any kind and is not from concentrate which we have no reason to doubt. After checking out the packaging we decided to give it a taste after a long walk to experience how satisfying it is to drink.

We first noticed after removing the straw and opening the coconut water that it contains an adjustable straw which allows you to get to ALL of the coconut water even in the bottom corner of the tetra pack, great start! We then had our first taste and agreed it was a subtle coconut water taste but very refreshing and overall enjoyable to drink. After finishing the coconut water we felt satisfied, hydrated and ready to take on the next weekend challenge!

Additionally Celebrate Health Coconut Water as a 330ml tetra pack contains 663mCelebrate Health Coconut Water Tetra Packg of potassium, 13g of sugar and 60mg of sodium. This is fairly standard for a leading coconut water as well as not containing any preservatives.


We were overall very happy with this coconut water and would recommend buying this coconut water if a tetra pack is enough to quench your thirst in one sitting and if you want a coconut water readily available from the supermarket.


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