Chilled Coconut Water Green Machine Super Smoothie

Monday, August 3, 2015 @ 02:08 PM
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We put Cocobella’s Chilled Green Machine Super Smoothie under the spotlight

Chilled Coconut Water Smoothie

When was the last time you tasted a smoothie from your local supermarket? During a visit to Woolworths I first noticed the huge bottle of Cocobella’s Chilled Green Machine Super Smoothie staring at me and I wondered what it was and more importantly what it tasted like. I couldn’t resist buying it and couldn’t wait to get it home, chilled and then tasted.

What’s in this “Super Smoothie” exactly?

It turns out the Coconut Water based Super Smoothie is vegan and vegetarian friendly as it contains the following ingredients:

  1. Coconut water (83%)
  2. Mango puree (7%)
  3. Spinach (2%)
  4. Mint (0.3%)
  5. Spirulina (.05%)
  6. Lemon juice from concentrate
  7. Coconut cream
  8. Raw sugar
  9. Citrus fibre

On paper it does look like a potent combination however after first tasting the smoothie it was very surprising! It has a “healthy” taste dominated by mint (even though it’s very minimal?), is thicker than coconut water but still easy to drink. However if you’re a fussy person for coconut water taste you may not like it as much as I did.

Were there any side effects from the Green Machine Super SmooChilled coconut water smoothie-sidethie?

After drinking half a bottle in a couple of minutes it was evident I did not suffer the side effects of a dairy based smoothie however the taste is quite similar, maybe not as creamy like you’d expect.

It was surprisingly very light to drink and not heavy on the stomach at all, even when you drink half of it in a couple of minutes, oops! I would not advise doing this unless you want to subject your body to a substantial 30 grams of sugar however I did use it as a pre-workout drink!

Used as a pre-workout drink it turns you into a machine – no joke!

Fortunately after drinking half the 1 litre bottle in minutes I went on a 45 minute sprint session and it gave me all the energy I needed to get through the sets.

I felt great during each set (apart from out of breath) and still great after finishing (not lethargic, mentally drained or feeling hungry). Therefore if you use it as a pre-workout drink you can expect to have more energy and feel like you can keep going for longer.

Oddly enough after finishing the workout the smoothie tastes even better than before (probably due to the sugar!) and was very refreshing. It tasted more like coconut water and the over powering mint taste at the start wasn’t so dominant.

The low down on what exactly is in the “Super Smoothie”

Chilled coconut water nutritionIt is important to remember that any type of drink with sugar and carbs needs to be consumed in moderation.

The amount of sugar and carbs in the Cocobella Chilled Green Machine Super Smoothie are at the upper end of the scale compared to normal coconut water. However you would expect this after looking at the list of ingredients above that aren’t in coconut water drinks.

Larger nutritional numbers are generally expected for all coconut waters that contain fruit juice or coffee which are higher in sugar and carbs due to the extra ingredients (eg. Coconut water with mango is higher in sugar than straight coconut water by 3 grams in every 100 mls).

How should I drink the Green Machine Super Smoothie to get the most out of it? For a start shake really well!

Since the Super Smoothie stays fresh for up to 5 days under refrigeration we would recommend drinking up to 250 ml a day to get the most out of it. By doing this not only keeps the level of sugar and carbs at an acceptable level each day it also makes it cheaper and more economical than buying the equivalent number of standard 200 ml coconut water tetra packs.

Who would get the most benefits out of it?

We would recommend this smoothie for people on the go who may not have previously enjoyed coconut water. However if you already love the taste of most coconut water this smoothie can be a great addition to your week if you need a hydrating drink pre or post work out.

Have you had the Cocobella Chilled Green Machine Super Smoothie before? Let us know what you think about it below.

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