Cocobella Coconut Water

The most popular coconut water we have found with people who are keen to work out and keept fit is Cocobella Coconut Water. This is most likely due to it’s availability in most shops including large supermarket chains hence Cocobella is the most heard of and now they have also released a 1 litre tetra pack which we found in an IGA. Most of the people who have tried Cocobella that we’ve spoken to enjoy the fact it’s a nice tasting coconut water and sometimes on special in Coles and Woolworths making it a great bulk buy for fit people looking to stay hydrated.

Cocobella Coconut Water

With 4 flavours available in an attractive tetra pack you can easily see why it’s an easy choice however some critics argue the straight up coconut water doesn’t actually taste like coconut water at all but we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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  1. GB says:

    I am looking to buy cocobella coconut water in bulk, hopefully at a cheaper price than in super markets. Can you suggest please?

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