Cocobella Mango Coconut Water

Cocobella Mango Coconut Water

cocobella mango coconut waterFlavoured coconut water is becoming very popular as there appears to be a multitude of people who do not like the taste of natural coconut water. This means Cocobella’s Mango Coconut Water fits  the bill perfectly as it contains 90% coconut water from Indonesia and 5% mango juice with cane sugar, food acid (citric acid), vitamin c (ascorbic acid), natural mango flavour and natural colour (carotene) making up the extra 5%.

The taste is a subtle mango taste which is sweet but totally enjoyable to drink. As taste testers we all agreed that it was nice and we would drink it again. If you enjoy the straight up coconut water we would suggest to keep drinking it as it’s slightly better in terms of the sugar and sodium content.  However the measured levels of sugar and sodium are nowhere near what could be considered bad for you.

We recommend Cocobella Mango Coconut Water for you if you need something different to drink after your workouts, or if you’re in love with mango flavour. Just make sure you don’t drink it all at once!

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