Coconut Essence

Coconut Essence 100% Pure Coconut Water

We have had the opportunity of drinking the amazingly sweet Coconut Essence after a variety of cardiovascular events such as volleyball, running, weight lifting and football training. It tastes absolutely amazing and as a result we rated Coconut Essence a near perfect score of 9.85/10 because of the natural taste, bang for your buck and how you feel after drinking it.

As a natural hydration drink we experienced the following benefits by drinking Coconut Essence Coconut Water after medium to heavy exercise:

  • Faster Recovery – You can expect to feel more refreshed and energetic after your usual exercise routines. We have also found Coconut Essence to be useful after drinking alcohol to avoid a dredded hang over.
  • Feel Less Fatigued – One of the major symptoms after heavy exercises is the feeling of tiredness and fatigue however Coconut Essence helps minimise this feeling as the large 520ml can is more than enough to help rehydrate your body while assisting in delivering a good volume of nutrients from the coconut water throughout your body.
  • Assists Your Diet – Most other sports drinks can ruin your diet with a lot of sugar and sodium but Coconut Essence provides more nutrients such as potassium and less sugar than sports drinks and juice which means it is the perfect supplement for your diet. The amount of sodium in Coconut Essence is also a lot less than what you’ll find in the average sports drink too.
  • Create the Perfect Cocktail – If you workout hard than you’ll also play hard too and this is where Coconut Essence can also be used to create the perfect flavour in your favourite cocktail. From the non-alcoholic Coconut Lychee to Lychee Capricossa there are plenty of tasty cocktails to create with coconut water.

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  1. durgarao says:

    send me the details of coconut essence prices and availability in markets

  2. Annabel Langley says:

    Looking to buy coconut water in 200ltr drums.

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