Coconut Oil & Coconut Milk

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts

Over the last 24 months we’ve noticed a surge in coconut water and coconut related products which has made us coconut crazy – in a positive way! So many new products to try has veered us in the direction that we just had to bring you more reviews of all things coconut, a coco-nutty bucket list if you can call it.

Coconut oil / butter

H2Coco Coconut Oil

If you’re anything like us and you love (just LOVE) a Sunday morning fry up, i would recommend replacing butter for coconut oil in the pan (thanks for the coconut oil donation H2Coco). The method to this madness is that coconut oil has a higher smoking temperature than most oils and should not oxidise at high temperatures (which create free radicals). It also does not have a taste or taints the food you are frying with a coconut smell. A new favourite of ours is Paleo coconut fish fingers fried in coconut butter, amazing! View our coconut recipes page.

Coconut Milk

For those of you who are dairy intolerant or have a problematic digestive system, try replacing your dairy with coconut milk. Surprisingly it has a very mild taste (although this is the unsweetened version) so if you use it in your daily flat white (like we do) you will find the substitution completely easy to get accustomed to. There is an average of around 45 calories per 240ml which is great for those of you wanting to watch your caloric intake. There is also a wide range of vitamins and minerals packed into this little gem of a drink such as Vitamin C, Folate, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium which can aid in a multitude of health benefits such as maintaining blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, maintaining a healthy weight, maintaining a healthy digestive function and is a great addition into any vegetarian, vegan or clean eating plan.

Last but not least… Coconut Flour

Whilst it is still quite a niche product, we predict coconut flour will be the next low-carb wheat /gluten flour replacement with only 10 grams of total carbohydrates (with between 6-9 grams of this being fiber) per serve (2 tablespoons = 30 grams). Unfortunately we haven’t been able to find any that hasn’t been entirely processed and bleached bone white so hopefully with further research we will be able to order some online and bring you a true to life recipe, already thinking coconut pancakes made with coconut flour, coconut milk and pan fried in coconut oil, topped with coconut flakes!… my mouth is watering already.

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