Coconut Water + Coffee Now 25% OFF for H2Coco’s Cocoespresso

Monday, March 12, 2018 @ 09:03 PM
posted by richard

As huge fans of Cocoespresso we just discovered that you can currently get it 25% off when you order online using the coupon code “H2ENERGY”

Here are 3 reasons why Cocoespresso is one of our all time favourites

  • During hot weather when it is too warm to drink hot coffee, we revert to Cocoespresso to meet our caffeine needs.
  • We use it in shakes, straight up, in cocktails, on ice cream, so many uses as far as your imagination can go!
  • It’s easier and more affordable to drink Cocoespresso than actual coffee.

If you’re into smoothies check out the recipe below for an idea for breakfast or morning tea…

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