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Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 2.28.07 pmH2Coco releases new Cocoespresso Coconut Water & Coffee product!

We are thankful we were contacted about the release of this excellent coconut water based product. It contains two of our favourite ingredients and doesn’t contain any dairy, is vegan-friendly and tastes amazing without any bitterness from the shot of coffee. Get a boost and the benefits of coconut water in a drink that won’t give you any unwanted side effects either.

We also received the following comment on Cocoespresso from one of our followers:

Cocoespresso Review from our follower

Coconut Recipes

Did you know you can use coconut in cooking? We have suggested a number of coconut based recipes you can cook today at our Coconut Recipes webpage.

Coconut Oil & Coconut Milk

There are a now a variety of other coconut products available such as coconut oil and coconut milk that are also beneficial for your health. Read the full review on Coconut Oil & Coconut Milk.

Taste Nirvana Coconut Water (Real Coconut Water) Tested for Satisfaction

Real Coconut Water with Pulp Real Coconut Water Bottle Real Coco Aloe Water

This is one of the few brands that have released coconut water in a glass bottle with a pulp and non pulp range with the pulp variety being quite refreshing and also nutritionally sound too. Read the full review of Nirvana Coconut Water.

Beyond Coconut Water Special!

When was the last time you could say you bought a premium beverage with just a gold coin? Well now you can as Beyond Coconut Water has just released their hit product in a slim-line can for less than $2 – just in time for summer! This celebrity craze beverage is providing hydration to the nation and making it easier with their new 6 packs of slim line cans. So this summer, when you go to grab a six pack… make it a six pack of coconut water! With it’s powerhouse of nutrients your body will thank you for it! Available online from Aussie Health Products –

Beyond Coconut Water

Real Life Test for Cocobella Coconut Water

We decided to give Cocobella’s new 1 litre tetra pack and Pink Guava flavour a test on a hot day after cleaning up around the house and playing indoor soccer. Read the Cocobella Coconut Water Review now.

Coconut Water is Perfect for Winter!

Coconut Water is just a refreshing summer drink, right? Wrong! With it’s many health properties, Coconut Water is perfect for winter too. Being an isotonic with electrolytes, it is great for rehydration in dry, cold conditions, it also contains antibacterial and anti-viral properties that boost your immune system and makes a great energy enhancer when you’re feeling the Winter Blues!

When you are feeling like a nourishing, warming winter soup, try this delicious Thai Coconut Soup recipe using coconut water:

Set aside some coriander for garnish, and add to a food processor and blend:

1 bottle of coconut water (approx. 300ml)

½ cup of coconut cream

1/2 tsp garlic

1 tbs olive oil

1/2 tsp fresh ginger

1 juice of lime

1/4 lime rind

1/4 cup corriander

1/2 fresh chilli

1 tsp tamari

1 tsp salt the author of this recipe stock a large range of brands such as Beyond Coconut Water, H2O Coco, Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water and Coco exposed with Aloe Vera!

Is Coconut Water a Hang Over Cure?

I believe Coconut Essence coconut water is a better hang over cure than Powerade as they come in 520ml cans and contain far less sugar. I’d even go as far as saying they taste better than energy drinks and Gatorade/Powerade drinks. After a big night the best thing you can do the next day is consume one or two chilled coconut water cans as they can bring you back from the dead so you actually feel like making use of the day.

Why not try stocking a few coconut water cans before your next big night to see if you notice the benefits. If you have already tried coconut water as a hang over cure let us know what your thoughts are.

A wealth of information is available on coconut water, search for the latest news and the best coconut waters below:

Search for the cheapest Coconut Water Prices or Best Coconut Water:

Nudie Refines The Flavour

We have recently discovered that Nudie has refined the flavour of it’s coconut waters, for more information visit our Nudie Coconut Water webpage.

The Most Stylish Coconut Water Packaging

We have a winner for the best looking coconut water packaging with Pearl Royals Coconut Water, check out a photo of the packaging at the Pearl Royal Coconut Water webpage.

Beyond The Celebrities

One of the first coconut water’s to grace the shores of Australia was Beyond Coconut Water, find out what we think of this original drink packaged in a glass bottle at the Beyond Coconut Water webpage.

Cocobella The Beautiful

With 4 flavours to try and with high availability all around Australia Cocobella Coconut Water is one of the most popular coconut waters available. Find out why at the Cocobella Coconut Water webpage.


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