Coconut Water Reviews & Best Coconut Water

We have the largest reviews of coconut water starting from the newest to the oldest below. You can see the types of coconut water that were around 10 years ago and also the newest types of coconut water only just released.

Are we missing any coconut water brands? Let us know as we are now accepting samples to review new coconut water flavours.

Coconut Water Reviews

Do you love coconut water as much as we do? Read our reviews bearing in mind your tastes may be different to ours. We prefer sweet coconut water that really quenches a thirst after exercise.

Supiricoco – 330ml
One of the newest coconut water products Supiricoco contains coconut water from Vietnam and contains 90% young coconut water and 10% pineapple juice, which is a great mix.

We found the 330ml to be the perfect size when you’re on the go and is sweet in taste. It is also a much better choice if you don’t particularly enjoy the taste of plain coconut water.

It is natural so no preservatives, no added sugar and not from concentrate.

Available online
H2coco Cocochoc – 330ml
H2Coco Cocochoc Cocoa Blend
If you love chocolate and coconut water than this is the rolls royce of coconut water for you! Combining natural chocolate with coconut water this is definitely a drink you will want to have more of once you’ve tasted it. We always have it on hand in our fridge for friends when they come to visit as we have never had anyone dislike it. Who would of thought iced chocolate and coconut water could form such a lovable combination? Available at leading supermarkets and online at
H2coco Cocoespresso – 330ml
Do you love coffee? If so keep reading as you will absolutely love this blend of coconut water and coffee! From the moment it first hits your taste buds it is obvious a lot of research has gone into making this drink enjoyable and not bitter at all. You will be pleasantly surprised by the coconut water texture combined with the taste of a shot of coffee that will give you a nice boost and is the perfect alternative to coffee. It is vegan friendly, contains no dairy, lactose or fat and has very competitive nutritional information even when compared to straight coconut water.

Read the H2COCO Coconut Water & Coffee Blend review for further details and nutritional info.

Coles and Woolworths. Also available in all other leading supermarkets and online at
H2coco Pure – 330ml
Just quietly, I am loving the comeback of tetra packs. Not only are they proving to be the funkiest solution for an easy to use/easy to store solution, but they keep the product fresh and ready to drink. As for the product itself, I believe the up and coming competitors in the coconut water brand should watch out for H2coco! Clean, crisp taste with a slight earthy – coconutty (yes, I just made that word up) hint, but not too overpowering. Goes down a real treat when served chilled. Tasty enough to make you go ‘please sir, can I have some more?’. We had the pleasure of having some shipped to us but H2coco is now available in all leading supermarkets including Coles and Woolworths. Also available in all other leading supermarkets and online at
Coconut Groove – 520ml (2016)
Coconut Groove
One of our favourite coconut water brands has had a make over! Now available in a modern, clean cut design 520ml can it still contains the same amazing taste we have known it for over the years. We can definitely guarantee this coconut water will refresh you on a hot day as well as being the perfect addition into smoothies for a sweet tasting mixture. Ideal if you have a sweet tooth, every sip is delicious and it is really enjoyable to drink a can from start to finish. Even if you can’t finish the huge 520ml can the coconut water will last until the next day for you to finish it. Satisfaction guaranteed with this one! Available Online
Tynes Premium Coconut Water
Tynes Coconut Water
One of the newest coconut water cans we have been able to taste recently is Tynes Coconut Water. With a distinct coconut smell and flavour it contains a subtle taste that isn’t overly sweet but definitely is more of a coconut flavoured water compared to other brands. It is refreshing to drink and is ideal if you prefer a strong coconut flavour that is more quality over quantity. It also mixes well for smoothies and a 330ml can is more than enough to quench your thirst.

Tynes Coconut Water has also been carefully produced meaning it comes from a single source micro climate in Vietnam where they can control production and ensure a fresh sweet coconut water product. It is in a can for obvious reasons – stays colder longer, and not susceptible to school bag spillage. No husky, woody aftertaste that comes from using older raw material but a young fresh sweet experience which is a little addictive, so watch out.

Available from Dan Murphys
Coconut Essence – 520ml
Coconut Essence
Coconut Essence – Yummmmmmmmmmm and Huuuuuuuuuuugeeeee are two words that come to mind when kicking back with this delightful new product.The crew at Coconut Essence have heard your cries for a bigger and better improvement than what is currently in the marketplace and have delivered a drink that packs a powerful amount of good-for-you goodness!Complimenting the massive 520 ml can is a fresh yet slightly sweet water that takes us back to Bali days of sipping on freshly cut coconuts on Jimbaran Bay.

Their ingredient declaration states that it is nothing but natural coconut water which leaves us a little baffled at its slight sweet taste, but who am I to complain? This drink rocks (and tastes awesome on the rocks!)

View the list of stockists at
Taste Nirvana – Real Coconut Water with Pulp Can – 480 ml can
Real Coconut Water with Pulp
“Happiness inside” is exactly the claim this coconut water makes and it’s bang on the money.From the first taste of this sweet coconut water it is refreshing and easy on the taste buds. The 480 ml can is also a good size for most people and enough coconut water to quench your thirst or be a nice additive to your breakfast smoothie.The pulp also makes it a little more interesting and particular great for use in shakes or post work out mixes. If you’re not into pulp however you can always opt for one of Taste Nirvana’s non pulp coconut water variety, which is enjoyed by many coconut water enthusiasts. Available now from these local distributors.
Malee Coconut Water
Malee Coconut Water 1 Litre
So you never really liked coconut water? Not anymore! Malee Coconut Water has a sweet yet very subtle taste that most people will enjoy straight up.

As an alternative use this coconut water is just as good even if you only use it in protein shakes and smoothies to get a winning consistency.

Simply choose the 1 litre or 330 ml tetra pack and add a little coconut water to your smoothie mix and you will surely notice a difference in taste (it should be much better!) and energy (little bit of a kick!).

For the full details on this new coconut water read the Malee Coconut Water review for a full list of benefits and uses we identified while trying it out.

Online & Health Food Stores.
Cocobella Coconut Water Chilled Green Machine Super Smoothie – 1 litre bottle
Do you like smoothies? The Chilled Coconut Water Green Machine Super Smoothie is available from Woolworths and packs a mean punch of flavour!If you’ve ever wanted a light tasting smoothie for use before a workout to give you a real good pump or boost read our full review of the Cocobella Chilled Coconut Water Smoothie now.The huge 1 litre bottle is naturally vegan friendly, lactose and dairy free while containing coconut water and other healthy ingredients. Online & Health Food Stores.
Pure Young Coconut Water – 500 ml can
Pure Young Coconut Water
This extremely sweet tasting coconut water originates from Thailand and can be purchased in a huge 520 ml can.This size is typically more than enough however due to the sweet taste you will be pleasantly surprised how easy and fast you will drink it.The nutritional information also shows that it’s pretty good for you in terms of sugar and sodium content. Read Pure Young Coconut Water Full Review Online & Health Food Stores.
UFC Coconut Water 1 Litre & 500ml tetra packs
UFC Coconut Water
The coconut water that should be for UFC fighters packs a nice punch of coconut water that is subtly sweet but enjoyable none the less.It is very easy to drink, has a resealable lid in case you can’t finish it all in one sitting and has one of the least amounts of sugar and sodium out of all of the coconut water’s we had tested.Read UFC Coconut Water Full Review Various – online.
Oqua Coconut Water – 350ml
oqua coconut water
Oqua Coconut Water is one of the best tasting coconut water products you can buy based on the delicious coconut flavour and how extremely refreshing it is to drink after exercise.It was also very good at helping curve fatigue and tiredness after playing soccer and kept us alert and motivated hours after finishing exercise rather than lethargic when drinking plain water.It’s slightly sweet taste is very easy to drink and subtle enough for just about anyone to enjoy this coconut water thoroughly. We also found the can stayed colder than some tetra packs making it even better to drink if you can’t keep it cold during your exercises. Stockists available in Queensland.
Life Coconut Water (Chilled Coconut Water) – 300ml
Life Coconut Water is a new range of coconut water that is extracted using High Pressure Processing (HPP) within minutes of the coconut being cracked.This allows the preservation of the antioxidants and nutrients contained in the coconut water. However this also means the coconut water needs to be kept refrigerated at all times otherwise it can expire.The distinct taste of Life Coconut Water is fresh and lively with all 3 flavours offering a different tang such as Thai Lime, Pineapple and the original Straight Up coconut water.

The flavour of the Thai Lime coconut water is very strong and packs a punch but makes the perfect option for making cocktails.

The Pineapple flavour is very sweet but refreshing to drink during exercise and also helps you keep going for longer. The Straight Up flavour is very much like a normal coconut water but tastes cool, refreshing and more natural.

Available Online from Soulfresh.
Celebrate Health Organic Coconut Water – 330ml
celebrate health
This very pink and colourful coconut water is certified organic and has a refreshing yet subtle coconut taste. It is available as a 330ml tetra pack and can be purchased from all leading supermarkets. The taste is very refreshing and it does a great job of hydrating your body after exercise. We tried Celebrate Health Coconut Water after a long walk and found ourselves recovered and hydrated within a short amount of time after consumption. Celebrate Health Organic Coconut Water Full Review. Available from leading Supermarkets and online.
Beyond Coconut Water Slimline Can – 250ml
As one of the first organisations to release Coconut Water in the Australian market Beyond Coconut Water have a new addition to their family in the form of a 250ml slimline can. If you like the genuine taste of coconut this is most definitely the coconut water for you. It has a refreshing yet very distinct taste that is easy to drink after exercising. We recommend drinking this coconut water immediately after exercise or sports due to the excellent recovery and prevention of fatigue we experienced. Read our full article on the Beyond Coconut Water Slimline Can. View the list of stockists online including Coles Health Food section.
Coconut Groove – 520ml
This refreshing coconut water definitely doesn’t disappoint in the taste department. A large 520ml can of this coconut water is not only revitilising; it also makes you feel hydrated faster after finishing medium to high intensity activities.We personally couldn’t get enough of the superb taste and will drink it time and time again after running, cycling and football. The large volume of coconut water in the can also helps prevent a hang over after a night of drinking. Highly recommended! Stockists available in Queensland.
Jax Coconut Water – Range of Bottles & Tetra Pack Sizes
First sip of this elixir will have you coming back for more. We love the option of chic 250 ml glass bottles, funky 350 tetra packs and the ever so economical 1 litre tetra packs (for those days when just one gulp isn’t enough).Jax coco is crisp and refreshing, with no coco aftertaste , just what we like! Best to refrigerate overnight and leave in the freezer 1 hour before consuming to really get that sharp “ahhhh” that makes you instantly refreshed. We tried this product after a grueling morning at the beach and no doubt will be seeing more of it stocked in our fridge for summer. Available Online
Natural RAWC Coconut Water
The taste of RAWC Coconut Water is refreshing, hydrating and a pleasure to drink after a high level of exercise. It definitely tastes natural and is very easy to drink from the tetra packs that are available in 330ml and 1 litre sizes (including screw cap for saving until later).After a 2 and a half hour bike ride RAWC Coconut Water tasted great from the 1 litre tetra pack and definitely made recovery a lot easier while being able to quench my thirst to a level that Powerade and water simply couldn’t achieve. Due to it’s great taste, transport ability and nutritional information we rate this Coconut Water Available from a variety of outlets and online.
H2coco – Pomegranate & Acai – 330ml
Whilst I am quite the keen adventurer into the realm of super antioxidant, super fruit, super healthy, super-super-good-for-you goodness, I have had quite the terrifying experiences when companies try to blend Pomegranate and Acai into some relevant all mighty wonder juice. I have had gluggy, pulpy, over sweet (to try and maximise the full flavour) and just plain tastes like the grey water you get from a load of washing (don’t get me wrong, I have never nor have the urge to drink grey water in my life, but it seemed like a great description at the time). So there I was staring at the H2coco pack, giving it a good eyeballing and thinking of ways I could review without having to drink the darn thing, but alas my journalistic moral head got the better of me and the only way I could give a true depiction of my experience was to try, even if it was only a little… and boy was i surprised, even a little bewildered (and a little embarrassed) that I had let my past experiences get the better of me. H2coco has released a coconut water that blends subtle yet quite distinctively berry-ish notes of Pomegranate and Acai which have ultimately turn me into a believer of THERE IS A BLEND GOD! I love the fact that the fruit does not overpower the coconut water yet holds a berry feel in your mouth, best served over ice! View the list of stockists at
H2coco – Pineapple – 330ml
Here at Coconut Water Australia we have reviewed a large amount of pineapple coconut water. Some sweet, some tart, some tasting like it should be called ‘Pineapple Juice with a hint of coconut water’, yet we have found that H2coco have hit the nail on the head when it comes to producing a coconut water drink. After all that is what the consumer is first and foremost buying the product for, right? (well we should hope so, otherwise we are in a totally different ballfield, Toto). H2coco complete with a refreshing hit of pineapple leaves the feeling of summer and all its summery goodness with the finish of every sip. It was these blends (Pomagranate and Acai included) that are paving the way for other companies to follow. View the list of stockists at
Pearl Royal Coconut Water
Pearl Royal Coconut Water
You’ve got to hand it to the marketing / branding team over at Pearl Royal, they really know how to attract attention! I was super excited to inspect their bio-degradable packaging in the shape of a young greeen coconut (as pictured) with 200 ml tetra packaged drink inside, this is something i could definately see as an attraction to those brand conscious consumers who like to make a statement!Upon tasting Pear Royal i noticed a slightly sweet aftertaste, which soon i found could be a similiarity between other brands who source their coconuts from the Thailand region, therefore i would recommend this if you’re after a sweeter nectar… the only irritable moment i found was that not only did it go down too quickly, there was simply not enough (suggestion of upsizing the packaging to 300-375ml?).Although i would also use this as an alternative to your lunch box fruit juice (calling all lunch box pedantic parents)- definitley a more healthier and preservative free option! Please contact Pearl Royal for distributors.
Fresh Coconut
Fresh Coconut
We have hit the motherload people! A recent trip to Indonesia has opened our eyes to the Holy Grail of the freshest, most tastiest, unbelievably amazingly unreal just-out-of-an-opened-young-coconut-water.The Indonesians drink coconut water just like we would drink water. Walk into any grocery shop, or street side cart and you will find an abundance of young coconuts ready to be devoured. One of the best experiences I had was being given a freshly opened coconut, with a little ice and a wedge of lime added… heaven!There is simply no rate review for this, however i do suggest the next time you are in Indonesia to take advantage of the wealth of coconuts there – which retail ae about 15,000 – 20,000 RRP (1.50-2.50 $AUS). Available in Indonesia.
Celebes Organic Coconut Water
Organic Coconut Water
You know what they say about “never judging a book by its cover” is the perfect term that springs to mind after reviewing Celebes.I found this humble can staring at me from one of the shopping aisles on my weekly grocery pilgrimage. I am ashamed to say I had low expectations due to the experiences I had received with random coconut can pick-ups (usually from the multicultural stores), however after a good overnight chilling I was a little bit more than pleasantly surprised.To be completely honest, once I popped I could not stop. This coconut water encompasses the very essence of a refreshing drink with no coco-nutty aftertaste. This line is available in leading supermarkets.
C Coconut Water
C Coconut Water
C has taken this organic certified product one step further by committing to the preservation of Philippine communities (presumably where they harvest the coconuts from) and donates seeds and grains for farming to the village surrounding the production facility.So whilst every effort has been made to bring the consumer the most natural – straight from the source product, we were hopeful of a refreshing clean taste, which was presented by an aromatically nutty product which seems to be similar to a lot of the coconut produce that comes out of the Phillipines.I would love to see this product mixed with hints of fruit juice (and maybe something out of the box unlike alot of the pineapple / mango / pomegranate mixes we see), which may aid the earthy flavour, however everyone is different and i do suggest you try it to guage your own taste sensation! Visit C Coconut Water for stockists.
Real Coconut Water
Real Coconut Water
It has a mild simple taste of coconut with an added unique feature, REAL coconut pulp! You can have it your way with this product, either choose the bottle with pulp, or choose the bottle with no pulp.Their slogan ‘ Happiness in a bottle’ which is found on the lid, can only be true if you like bits in your drink (otherwise choose the non-pulpy option).We were lucky enough to have these sent to us, although some ultra chic looking bottles were broken during transit (sad face). All in all, due to my paranoia of chewing while drinking, I preferred the Real Coconut water without pulp! Refreshing and pleasant with an acceptable serving size. Available online.
Coco Exposed – Mangosteen + Mango
It may be my love affair with summer and mangos (who wouldn’t love that combination?) but this little doozy of a drink makes me want summer all year round!Great combination of sweet mango and tart mangosteen leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth and makes you wish there was more than just 350 ml in each bottle.I’m not too sure whether I am sold on the bits of aloe floating around but it certainly aids in fast hydration recovery and gives you something to chew on midst gulp so that you don’t drink it all in one mouthful. This line is available in IGA’s nationwide, health shops, hundreds of cafes and health shops.
Cocobella – Pineapple Flavour – 250ml
From first sight, this brightly coloured funky tetra packaged drink pleases the eye and most definitely pleases the tastebuds. Mind you if I was to taste test this with a blindfold, I would swear I was drinking straight pineapple juice (you can make your mind up whether that’s a good thing or not).Whilst it contains the whole ‘5 key electrolytes, zero fat, zero cholesterol, no preservatives’ lingo have a look at the ingredients and you’ll find cane sugar (da da dummm) which correct me if I’m wrong, is used as a preservative as well as a flavouring additive in most juices.Which makes sense considering it is made in Indonesia and packed in a heat treated pack to preserve the juice. Tastes good though! Can be found in most Coles stores in the non-refrigerated cool drink aisle (mostly around the water / Powerade / Energy drink section)
Nudie Coconut Water – Orange and Passion fruit 330ml My most pleasurable coconut water so far. If anyone remembers the icy pole called ‘Frosty Fruits’, you will get a surprising hint of those flavours in this drink.The Orange and Passionfruit works well together against the mild coconut base, and in my opinion this is the most pleasant tasting infused water I have come across. At it only contains 100% fruit juice and no sugar or preservatives.I would recommend this as an alternative to your morning OJ. Definitely a lot less calories too! Paid $2.49 for a 330ml chilled plastic bottle in the fruit juice aisle of the cold department from IGA South Fremantle.
Coco Exposed – Peach + Kiwi
The one thing that I am impressed by Alo (founders of Aloe Vera drink and new onto the market with the next generation of tasty hydration) is that they are not afraid to step outside the box when it comes to taste combinations.We had the pleasure of tasting their new range Coco Exposed which marries the partnership of coconuts and Aloe Vera plants worldwide!We seem to have stumbled upon the next wave of exotic influenced drinks and Peach + Kiwi was first on our taste list.

Could definitely taste the peachiness in our first sip which overpowered the sense of kiwi although this doesn’t hamper the taste at all.

One thing that has a unique selling proposition of this brand is the added Aloe Vera plant – it literally has bits of Aloe floating in the bottle! If you aren’t kind to jelly like concotions then you may have some obligations, however I would recommend you do try it, even if it is just once!

This line is available in IGA’s nationwide, health shops, hundreds of cafes and health shops.
Kokomo Coconut Water – Organic
It’s becoming apparent that consumers are wanting not only natural products, but certified organic products, and Schweppes seems to have produced a item for consumption that not only conforms to the demand, but is pleasantly hydrating too. Available in Natural and Mango Flavoured coconut water.
Kokomo Coconut Water – Mango
Kokomo Mango Coconut Water
What I absolutely loved about this product was that Kokomo is Fair trade certified (For those of you playing at home, The Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance (FairTSA) is a non-profit organisation specialising in fair trade and social responsibility standard development, ethical supply chain management and accountable, sustainable community development).By being certified Kokomo are helping the Philippines to grow communities that are happy, sustainable and healthy – just like their coconuts (from which Kokomo coconut water is extracted from).Being a keen lover of Mango I was a little disappointed at the lack of sweet or tart mango flavour which was replaced with a light subtle fruity hint however everybody is different so I suggest you try it to see for yourself! Available in Natural and Mango Flavoured coconut water.
Vita Coco – Coconut Water with Pineapple 330ml Definitely more pleasant than my first experience, this tasty drink packs a mild punch of pineapple that is not too sweet and does not overpower the hint of coconut. Tastes a little like a pina colada. Would definitely purchase again. Paid $3.50 for a 330ml tetra pack from Bikram Yoga South. Not as expensive as Dr. Martins but would take a weekly chunk out of your wallet if you were to drink this every day. Please note: Bikram Yoga only sells this to its members, so if you stroll in and aren’t a member, you may be refused!
Beyond 100% Coconut Water – 300ml
By far the most intense, earthy coconut water I have tasted to date. Whilst the packaging comes in a chic glass bottle, the water packs a powerful aroma that could make or break your first impression.To be honest you’re either going to love or hate it, this is definitely not one for the sweet tooth as it is pure earthy 100% coconut water (almost as if your drinking it straight from a freshly opened coconut).However I found it perfectly matched to consume straight after a Bikram Yoga class as it offers super quick hydration, but be sure to drink it icy cold! Available in selected Health Food Stores and Supermarkets.
Tendo Coconut Water – 200ml
After tasting Tendo Coconut Water it’s easy to agree with it’s slogan of “Pure young coconut water with no preservative & sugar” as the natural coconut water taste is there however it lacks the satisfaction other coconut waters give you after a hard workout session or class.If you find other brands too sweet or over flavoured this is definitely the coconut water you should be drinking. Available in Melbourne and Sydney Indian ethnic shops for around $1.50.
King Island Coconut Water
King Island Coconut Water is another Thai based coconut water packaged in nicely decorated massive 1 litre tetra pack!We consumed this coconut water on our Perth to Fremantle bike ride which absolutely did the trick of hydrating us without the taste issues we noticed when first reviewed 2 years ago.I would not hesitate to buy King Island Coconut Water again as it was refreshing and contains a lower amount of sugar and sodium than most other coconut waters. King Island Coconut Water can be purchased at most leading supermarkets.
GoCoconuts – Organic Coconut Water
GoCoconuts is a Thai based coconut water with 100% USDA Certification as an organic product. It has a refreshing coconut taste and is perfect for satisfying a strong thirst however it seems to be missing a wow factor.It has a nice taste but the 350ml can seems to last forever as each mouthful seems less satisfying as the previous – perhaps it really does effectively quench your thirst?It’s worth drinking if it’s the only coconut water available or cheaper than it’s higher rated competitors, otherwise stick to the coconut waters rated 8 or 9 out of 10. GoCoconuts be found in leading supermarkets and delis.
Go Coco – Natural Coconut Water Flavour
Hits you with more of a ‘coco-nutty’ taste from the first refreshing sip, but gets a bit sickly sweet after a couple of mouthfuls (probably due to the sweetner).Low in calorie but buyer beware this drink is sweetened with Stevia which has only been approved to use in Australia since 2008 as internationally the acceptable daily intake is still being researched.Even with the sweetner the drink packs a whopping load of sugar, 5 teaspoons to be exact. Too sweet to use as an after recovery drink, but splash some rum and you’ll have a perfect summer cocktail. Can be found in most Coles stores in the non-refrigerated cool drink aisle (mostly around the water / Powerade / Energy drink section) from $2.49
Nudie Coconut Water – Straight Up 330ml I used this pure coconut water as a replacement to the Powerade that I drink when I play soccer on sundays. First mouthful is slightly bland but you get used to the taste as you drink it.It worked well as a quick rehydration drink and was only 60 calories (in relation to the 181 calories in the drink I usually consume). Paid $2.49 for a 330ml chilled plastic bottle in the fruit juice aisle of the cold department from IGA South Fremantle. The cheapest coconut water I have come across so far, although still agitated that you can purchase coconut water such as vita coco in America for U.S $ 1.00 per 330ml bottle.
Nudie Coconut Water – Lychee & Lime 330ml Certainly a new taste experience, the drink is not too sweet as you would expect from other lychee drinks, but possesses a strange kick of bitterness and tang (I assume from the lime).The sensation is odd in my opinion and I’m not too sure that the combination works well in regards to the mild coconut water base. Paid $2.49 for a 330ml chilled plastic bottle in the fruit juice aisle of the cold department from IGA South Fremantle.
Go Coco – Mango & Guava Flavour
While the name is tempting, one thing for certain is the over use of sweetner in this drink. For those who like the artificial taste of fruit this might be the one to try as it leaves you guessing with what flavours you can actually taste amongst the super sweet concoction. Can be found in most Coles stores in the non-refrigerated cool drink aisle (mostly around the water / Powerade / Energy drink section) from $2.49
Dr. Martins Coco Juice – Original Flavour 250ml This my first ever encounter of coconut water. It was chilled and my first taste was quite refreshing (as it was a mildly warm day). First thoughts were ‘it doesn’t really taste like anything’, the sensation in my mouth felt creamier than water although it lacked a certain texture. Whilst the hint of coconut was there it left me feeling unsatisfied (probably due to the small amount that you were given!) For a dainty 250ml bottle I had purchased this for a pricey $4.10 from Harbourtown Discount Vitamin Shop. I was really unsatisfied with both the price and quality, probably due to the small amount of coconut compared the price I paid for.
Nudie Coconut Water – Pomegranate and Acai 330ml Okay, so I get that pomegranate and acai are vastly known as berries with ‘super food’, ‘anti-oxidant’, ‘healing’, ‘weight loss’ properties, but infused in a coconut water concoction? One word: NO. Did not find this tasty or refreshing in any way.I would recommend to any health fanatics who want to reap all the health benefits it produces, but perhaps block your nose and try to drink in one go. Paid $2.49 for a 330ml chilled plastic bottle from the fruit juice aisle in the cold department of IGA South Fremantle.

24 Responses to “Coconut Water Reviews & Best Coconut Water”

    • Andrea says:

      What about Zico? It’s the only one I’ve found that I like so far

      • Coco-NUT says:

        I found Zico to be one of the worst tasting…. Almost no flavour, but the flavour it does have is so weird that I’ve never tasted a coconut water so unlike coconut water… So whenever someone says they like Zico, my first thought is always “have you even tasted fresh coconut?” (No offense intended)

        (Born in Fiji, raised in Australia. So I know my coconut water as I go back every year lol)

        • Phil says:

          ZICO is made by Coca Cola – hence it having no taste, and hence it having the preservative 220 / which the others (cocobella and H2go) do NOT

          • Browny says:

            Steer clear of any preservatives with a number, including 220. And generally the rule of thumb is : the bigger the company, the less interest they have in consumer’s health.

    • Natalie says:

      I like the Cocomore 100% fresh coconut water, NOT from concentrate

    • Mary says:

      I choose Cocozia 100% Organic, Non GMO, Gluten free Coconut water.

    • Roger says:

      I drank the chaokoh cocunt water in the can. I grew up in Barbados drinking coconuts and I can tell you there is a small amount of coconut jelly in the water THE REST IS SMALL SLITHERS OF GELATIN. I am beginning to wonder how much of the water is actually real coconut water. Won’t be buying this again

  1. Graeme brown says:

    Best coconut water I’ve tasted is tipco
    found it in many fruit shops around brisbane.

    • richard says:

      Thanks for the feedback on Tipco Coconut Water, we are in the process of releasing a coconut water article shortly.

    • James says:

      Tipco is pure, no additives, and tastes slightly sweet and absolutely delicious. At our local Korean shop it is A$3 per litre! Excellent value as well as best taste and best nutrition. From Thailand.

    • Boss says:

      Agree. Tipco was the best I’ve tasted. Tried few before and this, in my opinion, was as close as possible to the real deal.

  2. Amy says:

    Just wanted to leave a review for H2COCO – Cocospresso. I didn’t know what to expect but after a recommendation from a friend I thought I would give it a go. If you want a boost after a work out or before you tackle a long day ahead and are a fan of both Coconut water and coffee then you have to try this! it is very refreshing with a delicious coffee hit. An added bonus is that is dairy free, gluten free and 100% fat free so if you are looking for something relatively healthy with no hidden nasties to drink its definitely a go to! Its not overly sweet and doesn’t have that artificial coffee taste. I am a big fan of it 🙂

  3. Coco-NUT says:

    You guys need to review Tipco. Out of the readily available pure coconut water brands in Queensland that I’ve seen, Tipco is by far the best. It has the most similar taste to the fresh coconuts I can never get enough of in Fiji whenever I’m there. I wish they had a pulp version too, because IMO the pulp adds more flavour and a yummy light creaminess that is in fresh coconuts.

  4. Lib says:

    I tried Cocobella pure coconut water 1 litre pack, it was delicious and fresh.
    Then I tried Chaokoh coconut water 1 litre pack, bought it in an Asian store for under $3, with the complete opposite taste, simply disgusting and it left me with brain fog.
    Dunno what they add in the package, definitely not pure coconut water.

  5. Maria says:

    I love Nudie coconut water. Nature’s tropical hydrator. Straight up. No added sugar, no preservatives or additives and is not made from concentrate. I think it tastes the best too.

  6. MikeA says:

    I was one of the first to start using coconut water as a sports drink replacement. People thought I was nuts, but I bought coconuts by the basketful and bottled my own water. When Zico came on the market, and the flood of other readily available products, I was in heaven. The only problem is none tasted like fresh young coconut water until Pearl Royal. You say it tastes sweet like Thailand coconuts, but I’ve tasted fresh coconut water from all over the world and this is how that all taste when fresh. Everyone will have their own preference, but with nothing added and not from concentrate and the authentic taste, my money will always go to Pearl Royal.

  7. HazelJ says:

    I live in France and coconut water is pricey here. I have just found a brand called Chaokoh and it is half the price of other brands. It tastes rather sweet, but the carton does not indicate that it has sugar added. Do you know this brand? What’s your view on its quality, etc?
    Many thanks

  8. Richard says:


    Just wanted to stress how displeased I am.

    Today, Thursday 31 2016 second day of Woolworths catalogue your special on Zico coconut water page 5 bottom right hand side, 1/2 page advert. Any wow NO stock in store where I was advise they only got 2 cartons so 24 maybe…and that’s it…

    So someone has stuffed up.. Or is this just a loss leader plan by Coke?

    So why should I purchase even off sale your product when someone is playing games.

    Why support you or Coke after all of this.


  9. Jordan says:

    Hi, id like to know which of these contain preservatives? I know H2coco doesnt.
    I noticed you havent listed Zico coconut water…one which i wont drink simply due to the adition of preservative…not surprising it contains it though…as its made by the coca cola company:(.
    Anyway, if you could find out about the others..thatd be great. Thanks.

  10. Janet says:

    Last year I had a small bottle of coconut water for the 1st time and it was too sweet. I’ve fount out now, it had sugar cane added. So I gave H2 Coco today from a store and love it! So natural and refreshing. I’m glad I gave coconut water another try. Also, you can buy directly from the company I found out. I must write about this on my Natural Health Site (independent researcher)

  11. Pat says:

    Is there a coconut water 100% produced in Australia. from australian product.

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