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Thursday, October 11, 2018 @ 08:10 PM
posted by richard

At Coconut Water Australia we’ve had a lot of queries bouncing around lately as to whether kombucha is better than coconut water and vice versa. Considering we’ve had the opportunity to try a lot of coconut water and kombucha we can definitely weigh in on this debate. The first point we need to consider is what the primary purpose of coconut water is and what the primary purpose of kombucha is. So let’s break down the benefits of both drinks…

Coconut Water

  1. Re-hydrates your body with nutrients after moderate to high intensity exercise.
  2. Exceptional mixer in protein shakes, smoothies and in water to keep your body more hydrated.
  3. Keeps your energy levels and nutrients up after intense exercise.
  4. Safe for your children to drink at school or after physical education.



  1. Kombucha AustraliaContains probiotics or beneficial bacteria which may assist digestion in your stomach.
  2. Provides a mental alertness boost due to the existence of black tea in the most common varieties of kombucha.
  3. A wide variety of flavours makes it easy to stay interested in tasting all types of kombucha.
  4. Good varieties contain very little or no sugar.

After looking at the primary benefits of coconut water and kombucha it becomes very obvious they are actually 2 different TYPES of drinks. In fact we believe coconut water can serve a purpose in your life around your exercise regimes and kombucha can provide a fix in the afternoon when you typically feel sleepy or not as energetic. Both drinks have 1 common similarity, they can both provide mental alertness.

This means coconut water is better for re-hydrating your body with essential nutrients that your body can benefit from where as kombucha is better for protecting your digestive and stomach health. Therefore you can’t compare these two heavy hitters as they are designed for 2 different purposes. We will happily admit that we drink coconut water after exercise and kombucha in the afternoon for a quick mental lift.

We hope this helps clear up any confusion on whether you should be drinking coconut water or kombucha as it’s possible to incorporate both into you life and reap the benefits of both types of drinks.

Let us know what you think about Coconut Water vs Kombucha below in our comments…

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