Coconut Water vs Watermelon Water – Battle of the “Super Food” Drinks

Monday, July 17, 2017 @ 01:07 PM
posted by richard

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Considering coconut water has some serious health benefits such as being an excellent recovery drink, does the newly released range of watermelon water compare with the popular range of coconut waters available?

After managing to get our hot little hands on some H2melon Watermelon Water we now wanted to know how it stacked up to coconut water in 3 areas.

  1. Is it as “healthy” as coconut water on paper?
  2. What does it taste like and is it as sweet as coconut water?
  3. What are the benefits after drinking it?

We have to mention that after years of trying coconut water it was exciting to try a different type of water. Let’s get right down to the juicy details:

Is Watermelon Water as “healthy” as coconut water on paper?

The watermelon water nutritional information on watermelon water is very similar to coconut water. After entering the details into our “Coconut Water Matrix” which contains over 30 types of coconut water, the watermelon water has a similar amount of naturally occurring sugar, carbs and sodium. However it also listed calcium and magnesium in the 1 litre tetra pack and lycopene and L-citrulline in the 200ml tetra pack (70% watermelon water and 20% water) which you typically don’t find in coconut water.

So far so good, the watermelon water stacks up very closely with coconut water but also has some added minerals too!

What does Watermelon Water taste like and is it as sweet as coconut water?

Now for the exciting part! We couldn’t wait to open our first tetra pack and try it. At least it comes with a screw on lid so if you don’t want to drink it all in one day you don’t have to. Note: It will last around 3 days in the fridge before it starts to taste different.

The first sip of smooth watermelon water takes you back to a place where you feel really refreshed. We were reminded of being at the beach on a hot summer’s day diving into the water for the first time. Two words to describe the taste – SATISFYINGLY REFRESHING! Fortunately it tastes exactly like watermelon, like really good watermelon, so it’s not like some coconut water where it tastes totally different to what you were expecting.

It is definitely sweet when compared to the least sweet coconut water products but if you like watermelon you are going to love watermelon water. During summer it is going to be perfect on a hot day to keep cool and hydrated and also makes an awesome addition to a fruit smoothie. We agreed it was more refreshing than coconut water but it obviously depends on your own tastes.

What are the benefits after drinking Watermelon Water?

After drinking it and feeling refreshed we also felt more alert, switched on and satisfied. Obviously with naturally occurring sugar, potassium and magnesium put together in a delicious drink it is going to make you feel pretty good. It is actually quite difficult to stop drinking it as it’s too easy to just go back for more of the refreshing taste, so be mindful you’re possibly going to crave more and more of it.

Our next stage is to try it during and after exercise. We are positive watermelon water will be great after exercise as it contains all the minerals you need after exercise and to re-hydrate. Instead of giving your team oranges at half time why not try giving them watermelon water as an alternative? We are hoping it gives us a boost after the half time break in our own sports too.

Overall watermelon water provides a great kick start, refreshing taste and satisfying experience that will make you a big fan of it. Add in the fact it can be used as a mixer in many different drinks such as smoothies, shakes and cocktails you can be sure it will be a great hit.

Watermelon Water is available at leading supermarkets (our local Woolworths stocks it) or you can order online now at

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