H2Coco Expands its Range

H2Coco has expanded its product range to now include H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (OVCO).

H2Coco OVCO “Eat, Drink, Cook, Spread, Feel”!

H2Coco OVCO is produced directly from tropical organic certified plantations in the Philippines. This cold press virgin coconut oil is gently extracted from mature freshly harvested coconut flesh and is not copra delivered. H2Coco OVCO is not deodorized; refined or bleached it is of a complete natural substance. It contains a rich natural taste and light aroma.

H2Coco is dedicated to delivering consumers with premium coconut products that provide outstanding health benefits, to which OVCO is the first of a few exciting changes to the brand.“We’re very excited to announce H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil will be available on the market Australia-wide from May 2014. Coconut oil has great health benefits and is insanely versatile, I love to add a teaspoon with my protein shakes or mix it with cacao on toast. H2Coco OVCO is also 100% natural and raw, gluten and dairy free and cold pressed!” David Freeman, H2Coco CEO said.

H2Coco OVCO helps strengthen the immune system, provides nutrients to your hair and assist in weight lose and digestion through the unique saturated fats of coconut oil that contain antibacterial, anti-viral And anti-fungal properties that help strengthen the immune system. Consuming coconut oil regularly can also reduce incidence of sickness.

“It has great health benefits taken internally through eating, drinking or cooking coconut oil and also holds a multitude of external uses including, many consumers are not aware of the versatility of coconut oil” Freeman said.

“We have a very exciting year ahead of us with various varieties of products and ranges to be released. We hope to break into a new market with H2Coco OVCO targeting consumers who have a true passion for a variety of coconut products.” Freeman said.

H2Coco OVCO is available for purchase online from TODAY, visit www.h2coconut.com for more information.

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