H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

There are plenty of reasons to love this wonderfully versatile coconut oil and it all starts with the fact that it’s sourced from organically certified plantations – meaning it’s in no way copra derived.

This darling of the H2Coco range is a premium source of medium chain saturated fatty acids – which is foodie talk for ‘amazingly good for you’. As it’s extracted from fresh and mature coconut flesh, the pure and rich benefits it delivers can be enjoyed both inside and out.

Eat it straight from the jar, mix it in a drink, or use it instead of oil, butter or margarine when cooking.
In fact, keep it handy in the kitchen so you can freestyle its uses any way you like.

Oh, and for those who like an all-natural beauty regime, our coconut oil is the perfect way to nourish skin, moisturise your hair and remove makeup – even the most hectic panda-eyes.

H2Coco’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is:Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.25.26 am 300ml_WHITE_front

• 100% All Natural & Raw

• Certified Organic

• Cholesterol Free

• Gluten and Dairy Free

• Vegan Approved

It has great health benefits taken internally through eating, drinking or cooking coconut oil and also holds a multitude of external uses, from nourishing skin, removing makeup, moisturising the hair and many more!

We love this stuff!

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