H2COCO CEO David Freeman has witnessed the devastation in the Philippines

Kyle Sandilands supports the H2COCO ‘Giving Back to the Philippines’ campaign

H2COCO is ‘Giving Back to the Philippines’ this Christmas with Australia’s award winning coconut water company launching a dedicated campaign to assist the Australian Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan Appeal in its efforts to rebuild after one of the most powerful typhoons on record.

H2COCO co-owner Kyle Sandilands said, “We’re making it a priority to keep caring about the Philippines and the tragedy surrounding Typhoon Haiyan. We saw what was going on over there and considered it our duty to give back and make sure they continue to get support this Christmas.

H2COCO was founded in the Philippines in 2011 by CEO David Freeman, who immediately returned to the Philippines to witness the Typhoon Haiyan devastation first hand. Consequently he and business partners Kyle Sandilands and Andrew Hawkins were compelled to create Giving Back to the Philippines to provide maximum support on the ground for the communities devastated.

H2COCO CEO David Freeman said, “H2COCO is inherently tied to the Philippines, upon hearing about Typhoon Haiyan I immediately went to view our factories and damages to the country and the effect on its people. I was instantly compelled to create this campaign to give back to the home of H2COCO.”

The Australian Red Cross relief effort continues into the holiday season and Giving Back to the Philippines will see 50c from every coconut water sold throughout Coles and Priceline plus 50c from Instagram reposts of the campaign image with the hashtags #givingbacktothephilippines #homeofh2coco, donated to the Typhoon Haiyan Appeal for a week starting Sunday 22 December.

Australian Red Cross CEO Robert Tickner said money raised by the appeal will be used to provide relief to shattered communities, including emergency relief supplies and access to clean water and shelter. It will also help send specialist aid workers to assist in initial assessments, relief, and longer term recovery operations.

“This is only the start,” Mr Tickner said. “A disaster of this magnitude will require a concerted effort over the coming months and years to help these communities recover and rebuild their lives and livelihoods.”

“Australian communities have always been generous when they’ve seen people facing a major disaster. Support from organisations like H2COCO will make a real difference to the lives of people devastated by this disaster.”
H2COCO is committed to delivering excellence in its products and business practices, and the Giving Back to the Philippines campaign is yet another example of forward thinking from the company which was awarded 2012 Best New Product in the Adnews Annual magazine and is a 2013 My Business Award Winner.

Charlotte Dawson and Anthony Watmough (Many Sea Eagles) support ‘Giving back to the Philippines’



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