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Friday, December 7, 2018 @ 08:12 AM
posted by richard

Pink Coconut Water from H2Coco

We recently got our hands on H2Coco’s New Pink Coconut water which is from the sweetest coconuts you can get in Thailand which are actually pink in colour! After chilling for a couple of days in the fridge we got it out after a hard days work and it was the best thirst quencher ever! There was one interesting fact about this coconut water that we all agreed on…

Smooth and silky
This new coconut water originates from Thailand and is handpicked from the most sweetest pink coconuts and you can really tell. Every sip goes down with a silky smooth texture and is so smooth it’s too easy to drink. It was actually so easy to drink we had finished a 1 litre tetra pack in around 10 minutes which was a bit of a surprise because we usually taste test for 30 – 45 minutes each sitting.

The taste is so sweet
If you have a sweet tooth of any sort you need to buy this coconut water because you’ll absolutely love it! As much as we love healthy food and drinks the interesting fact about this coconut water that we all agreed on was the fact it is like drinking a Krispy Kreme donut! So sickly smooth that it’s an absolute delight for your taste buds without the fat content!

Natural Pink Coconut Water

Natural Pink Coconut Water

100% natural and contains zero nasties
We checked out the ingredients and confirmed pink coconut water doesn’t contain any nasties or added preservatives. Each 1 litre tetra pack is made from around 4 young hand picked pink coconuts from the most nutrient rich soil. No wonder we felt so good after drinking coconut water that’s from such a natural and nutritious source.

It is actually very important to ensure the coconut water you drink doesn’t contain any numbers like preservative 223 otherwise you’re undoing all the good work by drinking coconut water in the first place.

Perfect for staying hydrated
We often have issues staying hydrated and end up feeling lethargic by the end of the week. We have helped reduce this by drinking natural coconut water regularly like H2Coco’s Pink Coconut Water particularly after exercise. It has certainly helped with recovery the next day and not feeling so drained from playing sport or exercising hard the day before.

5 star health rating
We also noticed the pink coconut water has a 5 star health rating which means it fits perfectly into a balanced diet or exercise regime.

Overall H2Coco’s Pink Coconut Water is a well balanced and sweet tasting coconut water that is good for you and will provide all of the benefits that coconut water has to offer, such as hydration and nutrients. We particularly liked the uplifting flavour and how much of a positive influence it is drinking pink coconut water from handpicked natural coconuts!

If you would like to try H2Coco’s Pink Coconut Water you can get 15% off your first order if you sign up to the H2Coco Newsletter which is 3/4 down the homepage.




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