Is Coconut Water Suitable for Kids?

Friday, December 8, 2017 @ 06:12 AM
posted by richard

We are asked regularly whether coconut water is good for kids to drink and noticed not a lot of coconut water is specially tailored with kids in mind. When we were contacted by H2Coco recently and asked if we wanted to try out the 200ml Lunchbox Range for Kids coconut water, we were very keen to get our hands on some to see what kids think. Up until now the range of coconut water for children specifically has been limited to one or two brands that were not readily available in local supermarkets. Additionally we were very keen to find out how they stack up to normal coconut water in nutritional value.

The lunchbox range is available in 5 different flavours:

  1. Troperiffic Coconut Water – Coconut water, Mango, Passion Fruit puree, Pineapple Juice
  2. Wildberry Coconut Water – Coconut water, Apple Juice, Raspberry Juice
  3. Pure Coconut Water – 100% Coconut Water
  4. Cocoespresso Coconut Water – Coconut Water with a shot of coffee
  5. Melon Water – Pure Watermelon Water

What do kids think of these flavours?

During our trial of the lunchbox range we noted that Troperiffic and Wildberry Coconut Water tastes like fruit juice and is very refreshing but not overly sweet to drink. The 200ml tetra pack is the perfect size for kids as it wasn’t too little or too much and it doesn’t pack a lot of sugar with 3.5g sugar in every 100ml which is very low compared to other juices or cordial.

If you don’t mind your child having coffee the Cocoespresso is the perfect lunchbox companion that will give your child more energy and concentration while at school. It is the perfect replacement for Coke which contains more sugar and nasties. It is however worth noting that it’s sweeter than the other lunchbox flavours.

The Melon Water is the newest flavour and was popular among kids just like watermelon is on a hot summer’s day. It’s refreshing melon taste and adequate size was popular however it is worth noting that the intense watermelon taste can become overwhelming if a lot of it is consumed in one sitting.

When’s the best time for kids to drink the lunchbox range?

We believe during recess, lunch or after a PE class would be the best time for kids to drink the lunchbox range. Particularly for kids who are into sport and exercise any of the coconut water flavours would be extremely beneficial for replacing lost fluids and to prevent dehydration during physical exercise.

For older kids however the Cocoespresso flavour would be the best choice before tests or exams to assist them with fully comprehending each question and to provide a correct answer more efficiently and effectively. It would be interesting to run a trial to see if it helps improve grades.

Another good idea for the lunchbox range is to buy them for the next party you’re hosting. They will make a great hit at any party especially when kids are running around or are simply looking for a quick drink to quench their thirst. The tetra pack will also make sure no spills occur if it gets knocked over or stepped on accidentally. This in itself makes it the perfect party drink!

So, would we recommend kids drink coconut water? Yes, if the children are physically active then it makes sense to provide a drink that will hydrate them better than water. Perfect for the beach too!

Have your kids tried any coconut water? We would be very keen to hear what they thought of it and which flavour is the best so please leave your comments below.



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