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Monday, August 3, 2015 @ 04:08 PM
posted by richard

Malee Coconut Water 1 LitreWhat’s sweet yet subtle? Malee Coconut Water! We challenge you to share this review with a friend who has never liked coconut water.


If you’ve ever found coconut water too over powering or not a nice texture you may just enjoy Malee Coco. It is possibly the best coconut water if you haven’t enjoyed coconut water before or if you simply want to sweeten a protein shake. From experience it is definitely is an “upgrade” in a protein shake and helps the powder mix better too meaning less lumps.

This coconut water is available in 1 litre and 330 ml tetra packs with screw top lids for keeping in the fridge for up to 5 days.


What’s it like as a straight up coconut water?
Malee Coco NutritionSweet, subtle and no after taste are the first words that come to mind after tasting Malee Coco. We also consumed it after heavy exercise and it come through with flying colours for hydration and preventing fatigue. There are also no preservatives or added sugar making it a good coconut water choice:

  • 100% Coconut Water from Young Coconuts
  • Not from Concentrate
  • No Sugar Added (only has 5 grams per 100 ml)
  • No Artificial Colours or Preservatives
  • Non GMO and No Hybrid Coconuts used
  • Single Origin


Who can you recommend Malee Coco for?
Everyone! It serves perfectly as a coconut water that anyone can use for hydration, cocktails, shakes, smoothies or as a substitute for water. Buy now below to avoid disappointment as it’s nearly sold out!

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