Nakula Coconut Water

Nakula Coconut Water

Nakula Coconut WaterWe had high expectations of Nakula Coconut Water based on the feedback we had received telling us this coconut water is the best they’ve tasted. After finally discovering the cans for sale in a store we quickly purchased it and proceeded to give it a good test.

After opening and tasting this coconut water it quickly became obvious that it IS one of the freshest tasting and is certainly produced for those of you with a preference for sweet tasting coconut water. It didn’t last long to finish to entire can and instantly helps you feel more alive and hydrated after a hot day in the sun.

In terms of nutritional information it contains less sugar (3.0g in every 100ml) and sodium (16.7mg in every 100ml) than other coconut waters, no preservatives and is also certified organic by the ACO. After reading these values we were pleasantly surprised as the taste is very sweet for the amount of sugar it does not contain.

If you LOVE sweet coconut water and can buy Nakula Coconut Water in your local store we suggest you buy it as you won’t find better.

Note: The nutritional information obtained was from a can expiring on 30 Oct 2015 as we have seen other Nakula Coconut Water labels with higher values than what we have reported above. 

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