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Oqua Coconut Water is no doubtOqua Coconut Water one of the premier coconut water brands from New Zealand. It is certainly towards the top of the list in terms of taste and hydration quality and is certified organic by Bio Grow in New Zealand. The result of drinking it is a refreshing yet nice taste that isn’t over powering in flavour or texture.

Our tests involved using it after an hour of exercise such as running and indoor soccer/futsal. The aim was to gauge how fast we recovered after finishing the coconut water as well as identifying whether it can prevent a feeling of lethargy or low energy. These symptoms are commonly experienced after heavy exercise when only drinking plain water.

After a game of futsal a can of Oqua Coconut Water was consumed 5 – 10 minutes after completion of the match. The first noticeable characteristic was how easy it was to drink the entire can in around 30 seconds to 1 minute. The second characteristic was how much more refreshing this coconut water is compared to water. Feeling instantly refreshing it certainly added to the satisfaction of having a good game.

Oqua Coconut Water Nutritional Information

Oqua Coconut Water Nutritional Information

Typically around 30 minutes to 1 hour after exercise we would start to feel drained, tired and out of energy. However after consuming this coconut water it resulted in a feeling of motivation from exercise and continued energy for the rest of the afternoon. Although we did also drink lots of water during the day to make up for any water lost during the exercise.

From our many uses involving Oqua Coconut Water and its refreshing nature, we would definitely recommend it as an easy to consume post exercise drink to feel good after exercise.

Oqua Coconut Water Can

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