Coconut Oil is endorsed by Celebrity Chef Pete Evans

Health Benefits from the Whole Nut

At Coconut Water Australia HQ we are always on the lookout for the next big thing in the health industry, and while we will always remain true to our love of coconut water we have recently been exploring the expanding domination of Coconut based products to benefit the body both inside and out.

One by-product of the coconut that has activated our fascination is the humble but brilliantly versatile coconut oil. Due to its multipurpose cooking, baking and moisturising abilities we have found ourselves switching from using every day cooking oils to coconut oil.

For those playing at home, here a quick link to get you started on the multitude of uses for coconut oil in your home and on your body!

Whilst coconut oil has been in the industry for a number of years – it is most recently and commonly recognised as a valuable contributor to the Paleo / Primal Diet as a main source of good fats to implement in your daily routine. One advocate we have found to support the cause of coconut oil is the pragmatic yet charming Pete Evans.

Australian Celebrity Chef Pete Evans has been one holistic health advocate we have been keeping our eye on – not only on the big screen with his role as food critic in channel Seven reality show “My Kitchen Rules”, but his significant contribution to the adoption of the Paleo Diet and the need for sourcing good fats like coconut oil to implement in daily life.

Pete Evans seem to be an ambassador for coconut oil, and we have found that he uses it quite frequently within a lot of his recipes (savoury and sweet). Therefore to be able to give an honest opinion of Coconut oil and how it can be used in daily life, we set on the journey of experimentation.

We used coconut oil in baking (paleo banana bread), frying (eggs, bacon, schnitzel, fish), roasting (sweet potato fries, roasts), desserts (we made an AMAZING raspberry slice – recipe can be found here), eating (by the spoonful) and moisturising (yes you heard right, we slathered ourselves in coconut oil) and the result was pleasantly surprising… we loved every implementation!

The Coconut oil in our banana bread made for an incredibly similar exchange for vegetable oil which also helped created a moistness in the end result, the high smoking point meant that we could easily fry bacon or fish, and create sumptuous roasts with no burning, the coconut oil in the raw slice we created acted as a gel to help set once chilled in the fridge, we tried it by the spoonful to help bump up the good fats in our diet and it tasted pretty good!

While researching various coconut oil recipes we found these to be located in more often than not, a paleo website, and it dawned on us that both coconut water and coconut oil played a big part in this particular lifestyle. Could it be that we had missed something? Could it be that all these lucky buggers adopting the paleo/primal lifestyle knew all along the benefits of coconuts that we have been trying to encourage? So while we were busy trialling a number of recipes / uses in our experimentation phase we looked into paleo / primal programs and found that Pete Evans has also created a number of recipe books and guides which aid in the lifestyle transition (which also includes incorporating coconut water and coconut oil in various recipe forms – yippee!). The whole picture can be found here

One thing we have found interesting in Pete Evans and his work, is the fact that currently on My Kitchen Rules, he is subject to a host of cuisines and dishes from various cultures – all of which do not include a paleo lifestyle with no paleo techniques adopted. Seeing that the idea of paleo is to minimise the amount of strain and inflammation to the digestive process (hence the elimination of processed products, grains and sweeteners – with the notion of increasing protein and healthy fats such as coconut oil) we would wonder whether Pete Evans would be in a fittingly increased amount of digestive pain! Another note would be whether we would see a team on My Kitchen Rules increase their chances of gaining favour from Pete Evans by using alternate cooking methods and products such as coconut oil, coconut water and adopting principles from the paleo / primal lifestyle?

Whilst we are still within a form of experimentation with the uses of coconut oil within our current lifestyle, and transitioning to a form of paleo /primal, it is fair to say that we have a lot of trialling of coconut oils as many brands are popping up in the market.

One of the main brands of coconut oil we have been using is H2COCO Organic Pressed coconut oil, here’s a short run down of the product:

H2COCO Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is produced direct from our tropical organic certified plantations in the Philippines. This cold press virgin coconut oil is gently extracted from mature freshly harvested coconut flesh and is not copra derived. H2COCO Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is not deodorized; refined or bleached it is of complete natural substance. It contains a rich natural coconut taste and light aroma.

  • 100% All Natural & Raw
  • Gluten Free / Dairy Free
  • Certified Organic
  • Cholesterol Free
  • 100% All Natural & Raw
  • Gluten Free / Dairy Free
  • Certified Organic
  • Cholesterol Free
  • High in protein
  • Vegan Approved

Whilst H2COCO is our first product of choice (considering we LOVE the coconut water from these guys) we will be experimenting with a variety of products to assess the quality and consistency amongst the oils and the various uses. Stay tuned for Coconut Oil reviews and recipes page coming soon!

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