Pure Young Coconut Water

Pure Young Coconut Water Review

Pure Young Coconut WaterAfter drinking it we experienced a state of hyperactivity (or close to it!) and felt really good, almost like we’d had a shot of caffeine but more refreshing. This means it actually works for you by helping you avoid dehydration and tastes so much better than water.

We would recommend this coconut water for anyone who has an appetite for sweet tastes, or for consumption on hot days where other coconut waters simply don’t hit the spot or have enough bang for your buck. Beware, it is very addictive and one can may not feel like it is enough!

Pure Young Coconut Water Special in Perth

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  1. […] Pure Young Coconut Water is a new coconut water on the market that we tried recently and found it really good for replenishing your body and feeling good again. It packs a huge 500 ml worth of coconut water and is perfect for those of you who just love a sweet tasting coconut water. The result of drinking a full can in around 5 minutes borderlines on hyperactivity if you haven’t had enough water during the day but definitely kept us feeling nicely refreshed. The taste is really good (as long as you like it sweet) and is surprisingly very easy to drink fast. […]

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