Real Coco Aloe Vera

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 @ 09:03 PM
posted by richard

Real Coco Aloe Vera by Taste Nirvana

real coco aloe vera canDo you need a drink that is healthy and will brighten up your day? The first noticeable quality about Taste Nirvana’s Real Coco Aloe Vera was the subtle taste compared to 100% coconut water, as it is a mix between aloe vera and coconut water. It is very refreshing and the taste isn’t as evident as coconut water which is good if you find coconut water too overpowering or strong to drink.

We found it to contain the following benefits:

  • A good alternative to 100% coconut water
  • Very refreshing and easy to drink
  • Contains round pulp which some people like
  • Helps you feel more re-vitalised after a work out
  • Assists in cooling down the body after a work out
  • Low in sugar (only 4g per 100ml)


Real Coco Aloe Vera is recommended if you cannot drink coconut water and need an alternative drink to plain water for feeling better after a gym session or work out. It is also ideal when consumed icy cold in the can.

You have the choice between a 280ml glass bottle or 520ml can which are both very tasty. View more information at the Taste Nirvana Coco Aloe webpage.

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