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Monday, October 5, 2015 @ 05:10 PM
posted by richard

The award for the most underrated coconut water goes to…


8Why are people telling us that Tipco Coconut water is one of the most underrated coconut waters? We were curious too after receiving several emails telling us that Tipco Coconut Water is the best tasting and why wasn’t it on our website? Good question, we managed to get in touch with the distributor from New South Wales and finally got our hands on a 1 litre tetra pack.

We couldn’t wait to try it after reading the label on the tetra pack “Using only the best tasting coconuts from selected plantations in Thailand, Tipco 100% coconut water is naturally tasty and sweet. It tastes as good as drinking straight from a freshly cracked coconut at the beach”. It also contains very reasonable sugar and sodium levels which impressed us before we even had a taste.

7After indoor soccer one sunny Sunday we finally cracked on Tipco 100% Coconut Water and had our first taste. It was a pleasant, coconut based flavour that was nice to drink. During the drive home I also had a banana and muesli bar but still felt something was missing after a particularly hard session.
I put the lack of energy down to hydration and proceeded to rehydrate myself by drinking around 100mls for the next hour. I couldn’t believe it when I had drunk around half the tetra pack it started to taste absolutely amazing and I started to feel energetic and alive again. So much so I ended up going shopping and getting my weekly shopping finished within record time and still felt good.

After our experiences we agree that Tipco Coconut Water certainly is underrated and can recommend it for anyone wanting a nice tasting coconut water that comes with a bonus boost after you drink it!

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  1. matan says:

    hello i will like to get a qout for coconut water, i have a company for smoothies and i like to see which prices u can offer.

  2. Where can I purchase tipco coconut water in australia nsw


  3. John souza. says:

    Has tipco coconut water ever taught of getting application for organic certification.

  4. Carmel says:

    Can you please tell me where is this coconut water sold in Maroochydore Sunshine Coast QLD. I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks so much.

  5. Bernie says:

    Hi, I would like to add that of all the coconut waters I’ve tried by far the best is Tipco, Bella was a distant second and the rest were nearly undrinkable. So much so I wonder what they’ve done to the poor coconut to make it taste so bad! I’ had tried so many different brands since coming back from holidays in Ko Samui, looking to replicate the taste of fresh coconuts we had there, and am happy with Tipco ! What I do now is buy a few fresh young coconuts and cut the top off drink the contents and refill with Tipco and leave in the fridge for 24hrs then drink, tastes just like fresh ! After 3 refills eat the flesh and start over.
    All the best

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