UFC Coconut Water

UFC Refresh Coconut Water

UFC Coconut WaterUFC Refresh Coconut Water should be the ambassador for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) as this coconut water certainly does pack a punch full of flavour! It is very easy to drink, has a resealable lid in case you can’t finish it all in one sitting and has one of the least amounts of sugar and sodium out of all of the coconut water’s we had tested.

We tried both the 1 litre and 500 ml tetra pack which both have a nice subtle coconut water taste. After the gym UFC Coconut Water was very nice to drink and gave us an uplifted feeling to help us get through the afternoon shift. It was surprisingly effective in helping getting over the initial fatigue feeling experienced after exercise considering the low sugar content.

The coconuts used for UFC Coconut Water originate from Thailand and contains 100% natural coconut water with no preservatives. The 1 litre tetra pack also contains a nice recipe on the side for a refreshing beverage including coconut water.

Overall we were happy with UFC Coconut Water and would be more than happy to drink it again for post exercise nutrition, getting you through the afternoon shift and as an addition to smoothies and blended juice mixes.

You can buy the exact coconut water we reviewed from Amazon below where it is currently in stock but does tend to sell out from time to time:

8 Responses to “UFC Coconut Water”

  1. lanu says:

    Hi there, just wondering where in Brissy I can buy UFC coconut water from, I was living on UFC coconut water throughout my trip in NZ…and it’s the best I’ve ever had

    • Cathy Mora says:

      You can buy the coconut water through AMAZON.

      As a broker for the product in the United States, the corporate office sells the product through AMAZON.

      We at DeVista are happy that you like the UFC REFRESH Coconut Water.


      Cathy Mora

  2. I am looking to by the UFC Refresh locally not wanting to buy it on line. Area is Redland Bay 4165 Queensland
    Australia. Could you please give me one of your local suppliers. My husband says it is the best coconut water he has ever tasted.

  3. where in Brisbane Queensland Australia can I buy the UFC Refresh Coconut Water

  4. F.k says:

    UFC Coconut water is the best I would rate it better than the other famous brands I absolutely love it, best taste.

  5. Haneesha says:

    Where can we but ufc refresh in Sydney?
    Did you sell in bulk?

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