Zico Coconut Water

Zico Coconut Water is now available in leading supermarkets however the verdict isn’t all that great. 

Unfortunately we and a lot of other people have discovered the preservative 223 in Zico Coconut Water! There are plenty of other coconut water brands that do not contain this preservative therefore we cannot understand why Zico needed to add it in. Perhaps the coconut water they source is not the freshest or they produce so much it sits out the back in a storage area for months or years before it finally gets distributed?

It is not at all surprising that Coca Cola are responsible for distributing Zico Coconut Water in Australia and definitely have some work to do if they want to become a leading coconut water in terms of health. Admittedly they have paid for premium aisle space in Coles & Woolworths which only further proves that unhealthy products can be put in the face of everyone when money is involved. In this case it is due to the sheer amount of money Coca Cola has behind it in order to effectively market it’s products.

Overseas Zico Coconut Water is shipped in a variety of flavours including watermelon, raspberry, chocolate and passion fruit! – Order online now for express delivery.

Zico Coconut Water is shipped in a rather large range of 8 flavours consisting of Pineapple, Lime, Mango and the new Chocolate flavour as examples. If you have tried any of the Zico Coconut Water flavours please let us know what you think.


Otherwise feel free to use the search below to find the cheapest Zico Coconut Water or where you can buy it locally.

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  1. Serena says:

    Hi Zico!

    We love your Coconut water!!
    and so we’d love to team up with you at our Launch event at Bondi Beach on the 8th of October.

    We would love for your brand to be with ours, as we promote healthy living and positive lifestyle, and Coconuts are the best form of health!
    We have teamed up with tanning oil companies that have coconut oil in them, hence would think it is the best fit!

    Let us know what you think, and contact me on 0450550253 if you have any other questions, or VIA email


    Five bikini

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